Service and aftermarked

Service og ettermarked Illustrasjon

Our goal 
We want our products, systems and projects to contribute to:

  • Minimized downtime
  • Maximized lifetime
  • Optimized working conditions all through the lifetime
  • Low and controlled maintenance cost

As a consequence of these goals ITEK offer spares and maintenance service for all our orders.

Without exception we offer original spares for all our projects. This will secure guarantee and maintain good working conditions. We can also find alternative spares to our own and other suppliers “old” projects, where original spares are impossible or hard to find. Our QA-system ensures the quality in every spare part we deliver.

Ettermarked Temperatur og Vibrasjonsmalinger Prosessvifte vifte lager og motor

Temperature and vibration measurements on a process fan

Maintenance service

We offer maintenance service for single components and for systems. With a service agreement ITEK takes full responsibility for the regularity and the service history for the equipment that is a part of the agreement. This kind of service agreement, once or twice a year or on demand (max. response time 3 working days). We can offer this kind of service to all our customers, land based, maritime or offshore, both domestic and abroad. The most common product areas where we perform service are:

  • Industrial filter systems; monitoring operating parameters, warn about deviations, changing of spares, testing control functions, control component status, keep a record of the service history
  • Wood extraction systems; changing of filters and other wear and tear spare parts, controlling automatic functions, keep a record of the service history
  • Central vacuum cleaners; change of filters at the right time, control and adjust operating parameters, leakage control, service history
  • Energy- and Heat Pump systems; changing of filters, cleaning strainers, control automatic functions, leakage control, service history
  • Cooling- and heat recovery systems; (as for Energy systems)
  • Large Industrial fans; vibration control of fan, impeller and bearing, monitoring temperature, impeller inspection and balancing, alignment, service history

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