Heat pump system



Seawater central

Since the beginning of the 90's ITEK has delivered energy, cooling and heating systems for both comfort and industry applications. The early phase consisted of dry cooling systems, standard split-units and simple heat pump solutions, while after 2000 bigger systems based on seawater and geothermal energy resources became a natural part of the company profile. Today this is one of the most important markets for ITEK and we have referances from several projects as a turn-key contractor

What do we deliver?

  • New installations and modernization of exsisting installations
  • Heat pump technology (air to liquid) based on energy from geothermal wells and seawater
  • Engineering and installation of complete heating centrals, including drilling work, piping, cooling system, automatics, electro and more
  • Our in-house expertise provides all the necessary calculations, no need for external consultants
  • Procurement directly from manufacturer,
  • We buy directly from the manufacturer which ensures competetive prices
  • Service and aftermarked

Who do we deliver to?
Over the years we have delivered many complete installations of which some selected are:

  • Geothermal-based system, 450 kW Nøkleby Skole in Fredrikstad
  • Air-based system, 400 kW Plankemyra bo- og omsorgssenter in Arendal
  • Seawater-based energy central, 600 kW Agder Energi, Barbu in Arendal
  • Excess heat distribution system, 100 kW Folkehelseinstituttet in Oslo
  • Geothermal-based system, 100 kW Margrethe-stiftelsen sykehjem in Arendal
  • Geothermal-based system, 50 kW Lillesand Rådhus
  • Various energy systems for the industry sector
  • Various energy systems for the offshore sector
Varmepumpesystemer Boring

Drilling of wells

Varmepumpesystemer Varmepumpesentral

Heat pump central

Varmepumpesystemer Installasjon av sjoenergi

Installation of pipes for seawater-based energy central