Engineering, installation and commissioining

ITEK AS is an engineering company with focus on knowledge and experience. In cooperation with our suppliers and partners we hold a unique collective competence. Our employees are technicians, engineers and Master of Science. They have education and working experience from several fields as offshore, electric, energy, HVAC, water piping and sanitation and industrial mechanical engineering. This makes the company well suited to take full responsibility for complex and demanding tasks.

Prosjektering installasjon og oppstart installasjon


Supplier chain:
Analyzes and design work:
All customers demand is being defined by the customer themselves, but ITEK want to be a demanding supplier and system design partner. We are more than willing to be challenging, critical and to take an active part in the analyzing process, in order to understand the problem and to offer the best solution; what is the process, what is the temperature, what kind of dust, how much, how long, how often, which abilities, how to control, material quality etc. 

Our skilled colleagues in Norway and Polen can assist with:

  • surveys and mapping of needs
  • 3D-scanning of facilities to ensure accurate measurements and avoid missfits
  • 2D and 3D-models and drawings (CAD/Revit), we have dedicated technical designers
  • technical evaluation of solutions and performing site studies
  • profitability analysis and applications for government grants (Enova etc.)

Our tenders shall be characterized by that the task has been understood. They shall be thoughtful and focus on what the customer can gain, reflect the sum of technical value, functionality, life time, investment and cost for full life time.

Prosjektering installasjon og oppstart oppstart


Each order has high priority and shall be confirmed by order confirmation and a formal contract. This is to ensure conformity between customers and suppliers delivery plan. Order processing and implementation are being secured by precise work and an efficient QA-system.

Product deliveries:
All products are delivered with standard documentation if not others have been agreed upon. In addition we want to assist with our product knowledge, and our engineers are always able and willing to answer questions on telephone, e-mail or on-site by appointment.

Installation work
ITEK deliver systems and plants than can be based on different models. As an example of this:

  • Delivery and mechanical installation
  • … and/or adding electric, structural, construction work etc
  • Turn Key deliveries with commissioning and start-up included
  • Complete with MOM documentation

We have our fixed contractors in some disciplines, and cooperate also with some well known entrepreneurs on some occasions. We have also good experience in cooperating with installers picked and preferred by our customer.

Service and aftermarket:
In order to ensure optimized working conditions, low running cost, correct functionality and to maintain warranty ITEK offer both:

  • Original spares
  • Periodic inspection, predictable operation

For more information proceed to Service and aftermarket

ITEK can deliver turn-key plants with full responsibility on one single supplier!