Jet hoods

We can offer our own series of jet hoods in stainless steel, delivered and used on the Norwegian continental shelf. Our engineers will help you find the correct size for a given air flow, using standard dimensions to ensure cost efficiency and easy installation. Both flanged and welded construction, drainage system and security mesh. Additional features such as lifting lug certification, weighing, corrosion protection coat and special documentation can be provided upon request. 

ITEK JH 315400900

ITEK-JH-series in sizes Ø315, Ø400 and Ø900mm

Key features:

  • Assistance with finding the correct jet hood size, depending on air flow, pressure drop and noice level
  • Customized flanges drilled acc. to ISO15138
  • Galvanized / AISI 316L
  • CAD-drawings
  • Efficient draingage of water
  • Certification and testing of lifting eye bolts
  • Protection mesh
  • Exstensive documentation

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Selected examples:

Jet hood Detail safety mesh

Detail - protection mesh

ITEK JH 315400500 Kopi

Jet hoods - Ø315, Ø400 og Ø500