ITEK has since its foundation in the early 90s, supplied environmental friendly system solutions to the Norwegian manufacturing and process industry. Our projects have met the requirements for stable and continous operation, customized technical solutions and reduced energy consumption. This results in positive effects for the environment through reduced emissions both inside and outside the production facilities. We have experience from complex deliveries to Saint Gobain, Elkem, Glencore (Falconbridge), Eramet, Toro, Norske Skog, Glava and many more. Our system knowledge and our deliveries include, among others, industrial dust filters, industrial fans (radial and axial), central and decentralized vacuum systems, point extraction from exhaust, welding fume and soldering fume, deodorizing and energy recovery using dry coolers and heat exchangers.

Added value, improved liftetime and economy are key elements in our evaluations. We also focus on high efficiency and reduced power consumption. In cooperation with our clients, consultants and contractors we provide our customers with innovative and optimized solutions. ITEK represents several internatinoal manufacturers, while special products such as cyclones, containers, silencers, jet hoods, ducts are handled through our branch office in Poland. This ensures both high quality and competitive prices. We can deliver turn-key solutions in cooperation with local contractors and installers. 

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Business areas: 

  • Process industry 
  • Pharmaceutical and food processing industry
  • Wood processing industry
  • Mechanical industry

Selected examples:

Industri og prosess Industrielt syrefast batteri

Industrial stainless steel coils

Prosessvifte i Duplexstal med 160 kW Siemens motor

Process fans in Duplex steel with 160kW Siemens motor

Industri og prosess Effektiv stovfiltrering for tungindustrien

Highly efficient dust particle filtration for the heavy industry

Industri og prosess 22kW spesiallosning for Kuben Yrkesarena

22kW customized vacuuming solution for Kuben Yrkesarena